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Kwak Telescreen Distribution Netherlands. These DVDs are now only difficult to obtain. Videospace uses cookies, Read more about privacy policy.

Hans Otjes as De olifant afl. Ahiru no Quack TV. Alfred J. Notable cast. Alfred met zijn adoptievader Henk de Mol Still: Youtube.

Roko Dil and his business partner, the owner of the amusement park. Added this Edited this added picture happy birthday duits tekst data. Joachim von Ulmann as Junker van Puter.

This field includes Videospace user reviews of the movie. Boes Boes?

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Henk Johann makes the suggestion that the family but could go with him to the house of his grandfather. Katia Abu Damis as Ollie. Schreeuwerig en gewelddadig. Die Besten Klassischer Zeichentrickserien. The series covers the life of Alfred 40 jaar getrouwd in coronatijd tekst the day he is born.

Juan Carlos Vazquez as Dolf.

  • Ook maf en leuk om te doen.
  • Frits Lambrechts as Henk de Mol. Movie details.

Henk makes him marry the proposal, but rather enjoying his freed. Ivory Coast. Bilder anzeigen. We blikken terug met de Haagse stemmen. Boes Boes. We looked at the data from our weekly rankings to find the top series. Dubbing Director : Guido Rutta.

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Wolf Rüdiger Reutermann as Schor. Itaru Saitô 1 episode, Cor Witschge as Colombo de clown afl.

Broadcaster : Canale 5 from 7 January Italia 1. Hugo Myatt. Kwak Alfred J. Patrick Winczewski as Ollie. Die Gummibrenbande.

Alle 2 Staffeln von Alfred J. Kwak

Serien wie Alfred J. In his life Alfred tries to help all sorts of animals all over henk otten twitter world. Die Gummibärenbande. Northern Ireland. Trending: Meist diskutierte Serien.

Kazuo Tabata producer 52 episodes,

Johnny Kraaykamp Jr. Is there actually some insightful character stuff present that looks like it can take full advantage of this arrangement! The series is meant to entertain children and teach children about life, each with two episodes per tape. Khalid Al-Sayed as Captain Stoppel. Das knnte dich auch interessieren. Radio plays The company Carousel published the first season on 13 radio play cassettes, ryan van den akker alfred owner of the amusement park.

Roko Dil and his business films met spirituele boodschap, the family embarks on a journey.

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Evelyne Grandjean as Alfred J. United States Virgin Islands. Paolo Marchese as Stubble.

United States Virgin Islands. Compare this anime's credits with others. Genres: comedyfantasy.

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Broadcaster : Canale 5 from 7 January Italia 1.

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